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Recent arrivals in the abbey and in the life of the nation

The princes are walking down the long red carpet laid in the nave and greeting family. They are now walking to a private part of the abbey.

The King of Tonga and the Sultan of Brunei have just waddled in.

The descendants of coal miners are now being driven through London to attend the wedding of their daughter to Prince William. Lovely!

They have other ancestors as well, of course, some of them with titles, which, frankly is the case for most British people. They are all a great and glorious mixture of those who have succeeded and those who have not, those who have won, sometimes brilliantly, their money and titles and others, far more humble, who have contributed less noticeably but often more significantly to the life of the nation.

The minor royals from Buckingham Palace have just departed in minibuses.

Looking very simple, elegant, simple and stunning, the bride's mother has just arrived in a pearly blue dress and coat designed by Catherine Walker. She looks happy, calm and collected.

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