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Rodney Atkinson - a must-see video - The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded THE EU and their influence today

We like to talk about gardens, the arts, even British cooking and the Royal Wedding. But we are mindful that great events with tragic consequences are unfolding.

In recent times, few have seen the threats to democracy and our way of life more clearly than Rodney Atkinson.

You will want to see his videotape The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded THE EU and their influence today.? It is based on a speech Atkinson delivered to the House of Lords. This is a MUST-SEE video .

We would compare Atkinson's video to the secret information reaching Winston Churchill during his Wilderness Years as the Nazi threat stealthily increased. Atkinson, the author of six books on politics and the economy, is as well-informed as Churchill's spy network.

For more details, you can read Atkinson's book -

We have been forewarned.

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Thank you. It makes the feelings we all have about the EU make even more sense. "The Boys from Brazil" was a nightmare fantasy. How much worse the reality!

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