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For those who know, no PM can diminish Britain's contributions to the world

Peter Oborne in the Telegraph on the Prime Minister bad-mouthing Britain while in Pakistan -

David Cameron could have pointed out that we gave Pakistan (and indeed the rest of the world) many splendid bequests: parliamentary democracy, superb irrigation systems, excellent roads, the rule of just law, the English language and, last but not least, the game of cricket.

[Not to mention clean water, life-saving surgeries, antibiotics, the jet plane, vastly improved food production, inexpensive mass-produced clothing, the free economy, Shakespeare, Harry Potter, John Keats, Jane Austen, railroads, the first incorruptible civil service (in 1853), the first colour-blind civil service exam (in India in 1863), football, rugby, the world wide web, rights for women, helping to free the world from Fascism. . .-Ed.]

Had he wished, he could have added that we contribute billions of pounds of aid to Pakistan and that we have been foremost in the list of countries that leapt in to help during last year’s terrible floods.

Instead, David Cameron played the politics of apology.

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