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"The most immediate pleasure of this book is that it heightens one's appreciation of the craft of great writers and speakers. Mr. Farnsworth includes numerous examples from Shakespeare and Dickens, Thoreau and Emerson, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. He also seems keen to rehabilitate writers and speakers whose rhetorical artistry is undervalued; besides his liking for Chesterton, he shows deep admiration for the Irish statesman Henry Grattan (1746-1820), whose studied repetition of a word ('No lawyer can say so; because no lawyer could say so without forfeiting his character as a lawyer') is an instance, we are told, of conduplicatio. But more than anything Mr. Farnsworth wants to restore the reputation of rhetorical artistry per se, and the result is a handsome work of reference." -Henry Hitchings, Wall Street Journal

Among the reviews cited on the book's Amazon page:

"Not only educational but delightful." -David Mamet

"Every writer should have this book." -Erin McKean, editor of Verbatim: The Language Quarterly and CEO of

"Many things, from dictators to advertising, have made modern people suspicious of and cynical about language mobilized to move us. Fortunately, Ward Farnsworth's delightful swim in a sea of well-chosen words should help to rehabilitate the reputation of rhetoric." -George F. Will, syndicated columnist

It sounds as if it would be a joy to jump in.

Thanks to Instapundit for the link. If you are American and decide to buy the book, you could click on Glenn's website and go to Amazon from there. It costs you nothing and gives him a bit of money. We're grateful for his links.

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