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Prince William visits scenes of natural disasters in Australia

Yesterday I spent an interesting evening at Cheam School and the Swan pub. While there I made an Australian connection which I would like to connect with Prince William's visit.

John Hart spoke about British history at Cheam and electrified the young students. We hope to have more to say about the project developed by John and historian Rupert Willougby in the near future. Two visitors from Australia, father and son, joined us at the Swan. They had both endured a recent personal loss.

The gallantry of the Aussies made me feel that Prince William, currently visiting the scenes of natural disasters in Australia, was in very good hands.

Anna Bligh, Queensland's premier, said that the Prince's visit had brought some "royal magic" to the community that would lift spirits. "I've never seen so many smiles as today," she said. "The people of Australia have been very charmed by him."

And the Prince, I think, must have been charmed by them.

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