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Japan earthquake: for the defiant Brits who stay in Tokyo, a quiet pint

Jim Hodge sent us this piece from the Telegraph, which had been linked by Englishman's Castle -

It is [was] St Patrick's Day and Tokyo's Mermaid pub, a cosy, sticky-floored boozer that looks like it has been transplanted from the City of London, should be full of British expatriates.

But this year there are only three, nursing pints of Guinness and trying to ignore the warnings of impending nuclear doom.

. . .One British investment banker said: "I suppose there is a bit of a Blitz spirit but, to be honest, I see the reports about radioactive winds and I just don't believe them. Where's the evidence? I blame the French for spooking everyone." There were few takers for the Foreign Office's offer of a £600 seat on a charter plane to Hong Kong. . .

Many other Brits were leaving, but back in the Mermaid pub,

"One of Mr Terpilowski's companions, Michael Summons, 47, a trader at an international bank, said he had thought hard about joining the rush to the exit, but decided to stay because he loves the country. He said that Tuesday, when predictions of an incoming "radioactive wind" circulated, was a "very bad day." Just in case the worst does happens, and he has to outrun a radiation cloud, he has a motorbike on standby. "It's full of petrol and I'll use it if I have to."


Yesterday was the day to celebrate the saint of second chances, originally a Brit, as we may have mentioned.

What an amazing guy.

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