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"Courage, passion, devotion, unadorned beauty" - Jane Eyre

Jane also trusted in God and was self-reliant.

The WSJ writes about the novel's latest movie remake, -

Soon after the fevered opening of this latest "Jane Eyre," the far-off figure of the heroine, unmoored on the moors, stands at a crossroads that is hardly more than a crosspaths—four corners faintly traced in one of the film's many understated yet transfixing vistas.

Almost everything about Cary Fukunaga's version of the Charlotte Bront? romance is understated yet transfixing, mainly—although far from exclusively—because of Mia Wasikowska's presence in the title role. She embodies Jane's most endearing qualities—courage, passion, devotion, unadorned beauty—but not for a moment the moist poignance that many of the umpteen previous versions have inflicted on her. (Eighteen feature films, to be exact, and nine TV versions.) This Jane meets the world and everyone in it with a rock-solid sense of herself that can only be shaken by love. . .

Jane Eyre appeared in print in 1847, smack dab in the middle of the greatest century for the English novel. The novel has never been out of print.

A people who possessed Jane Eyre's personal characteristics would be remarkable.

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