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'Greece, Ireland and the EU bailouts: the end of democracy in Europe'

An absolutely terrific, brilliantly clear and heartbreaking column, first published in the Irish Daily Mail by Mary Ellen Synon.

We prefer democracy, small government and local control. But a realist might well say, let the EU run Greece since the Greeks can't seem to. Ditto many other EU countries.

Running things locally and democratically in Britain was a good thing for the British, and a hard-won delight for the Irish, and until recently a good and beautiful thing for the beleaguered Greeks, who made real headway after winning their freedom from the Ottoman Empire then from the Nazis and then from the Colonels. Democratic local control has been a great thing for the Swiss and the Norwegians, who wisely remain outside the EU.

Those who imagine that being run by an autocracy in Brussels will be good will be proved terribly wrong - and all of us will have to suffer the results, as the Greeks and the Irish suffer today.

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