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Solar weather forecast

We described Piers Corbyn in a December post as the Brit who forecast our cold, snowy winter and laughed at the government's earlier prediction of a barbecue summer. Corbyn does it by studying the sun. The Rev. Philip Foster, MA, the force behind St Matthew Publishing and a noted author, sent us this link to Corbyn's February forecast.

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Bob Meyrick:

Why do people make such a fuss over Piers Corbyn? Never mind his own claims, compare his forecasts with what actually happens. His prediction for January was - "Our forecast for an exceptionally cold and also snowy January in Britain & West Europe stands and despite its unlikely occurrence according to standard views we expect with 80% confidence that much of Britain (eg Central England) to be in the three coldest Januaries in the last 100 years." Hasn't happened, has it?

Halfway through January he issued this warning - "It now appears cold air will start advancing South again from Sunday 16th and the next weather periods starting 18th Jan will be back on track with a return of exceptionally harsh winter weather during the second half of January." Again, it didn't happen.

Just because he's portrayed as a "maverick" or an "underdog" doesn't mean he's actually any good.

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