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Appeasing evil - and those who refuse to do so

This is a story about appeasement, which had shameful life in the 1930s and again, like a virus, has infected London and the Foreign Office. It is also a story about a brave civil servant, who revealed what was going on. And it refers to David Cameron's remarks in Germany.

The Prime Minister appears to have scorned the double standards of multi-culturalists - those who reject the best of Western culture while accepting the worst of non-Western culture - and to have affirmed freedom of speech and religion, equality before the law, and democracy -

A genuinely liberal country "believes in certain values and actively promotes them", Mr Cameron said.

"Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights, regardless of race, sex or sexuality.

"It says to its citizens: This is what defines us as a society. To belong here is to believe these things."

Meanwhile, however, the Foreign Office has been diving under the covers with dictators.

We don't agree with everything in the column, but it's worth reading -

Appeasement is a slippery tactic. Diplomats convince themselves they are "engaging" with repulsive movements because the national interest demands it. But the longer they engage the more willing they become to take the side of their partners and find excuses for their life-denying ideologies. A series of leaks to the Observer from a brave Foreign Office civil servant called DEREK PASQUILL showed that Britain never spent a moment worrying about what Muslim Brotherhood rule would mean for the Christian and Bahá'í religious minorities, or for Egypt's democrats, liberals, trade unionists, women and homosexuals.

Thanks to Instapundit for the link.

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I have read some of the doubting comments about Cameron and his party, and they have made me quite pessimistic.

However, if he holds to this line and takes the majority of his party with him, there will be a political tsunami in the UK. The middle and working classes cannot help responding.

Unexpectedly, the UK is beginning to look like a beacon of hope. Everyone who has any way of doing so needs to support the PM vigorously to blunt the inevitable onslaught from the Left and let him know he has spoken for the majority of Brits.


Regarding the shameful betrayal of British national secrets by the Obama administration, there has not been one word mentioned about it in the US mainstream media. Not one word. It is also revealing that when Obama signed the New START treaty the other day, he did so in private; no reporters, no questions.

Please, Britain. We once helped save you from Hitler. Please help save us from Obama and Soros.



After offering my comment, I discovered a video which harshly (and justly) criticizes Cameron for speaking out of both sides of his mouth, and gives both excerpts from both this speech and more appeasing remarks. This is my reply to that blog. It may clarify a bit what I meant to say.


As for the British PM, I do understand your point, and I have seen much reason for cynicism since the new alliance took power. But read the most recent words--unlike Merkel's throwaway phrase, this lengthier condemnation of not just multiculturalism but Islamism will be much harder to climb down from. Since St. George lives on only in his flag, you have to take what is available. Citizens of the UK--especially the middle class and up who have been squirming quietly at the apparently inevitable drift of their country--need to stand up and flood Cameron and their Tory and, yes, even their LibDem MPs with loud and fierce approbation. Make him a freedom fighter whether he wants to be or not, simply by showing him that he can only go forward from here--that he can't "pull a Merkel."

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