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A constitutional court case?

We posted below on the important ruling by a federal judge that Obamacare is unconstitutional. (The judge's analysis highlighted British history.)

Britain's High Court has made momentous rulings in its time - supporting the jury's right to freely deliver a verdict of guilt or innocence; affirming that slavery had no place in England (slavery had been outlawed in 1102) and any slave who set foot on English soil was immediately a free man or woman.

More recently, the High Court rejected Stuart Wheeler's claim that political parties had promised Brits a vote in a referendum on the EU and then unlawfully denied them that vote. We supported Wheeler's claim, and were disappointed when it was rejected.

Is it time for another constitutional argument in court? Say, the principle under our British Bill of Rights that Britons will not be ruled by foreign powers, i.e., the EU?

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