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373,000 get-out-of-the-EU petitions carried to 10 Downing Street


Image and story: The Daily Express

The editor of the Daily Express, which started the petition campaign to get Britain out of the EU, the DE Crusader, Labour MP Kate Hoey and Tory MPs Philip Davies, Douglas Carswell, Philip Hollobone and Peter Bone carried hundreds of thousands of petitions from Express readers through the streets of London to 10 Downing Street yesterday.

They're still awaiting the Prime Minister's response. Services are being cut savagely due to the economic crisis, but Britain continues to send 20 million pounds to Brussels every day. It's frankly amazing that only 373,000 have noticed that this money comes out of their paychecks and every tenner they lose to VAT.

In a blasé response: "A Downing Street spokeswoman said: 'We will respond in the usual way.'

Presumably that would be the usual we-don't-care.

Thanks to The Midnight Group for the link.

Comments (2)


What a waste of effort & paper! Did the organisers really think that such a democratic & reasonable protest would be effective?

Have the Brits not yet come to realize that its current Representative Parliamentary Democracy is duplicitous? If religion was the people's opiate, then today's democarcy is its ICE: the more the promise, the longer the illusory fix!

RPD exists now merely to frustrate 'dangerous' popular aspirations & pacify the common man into docility. Meanwhile the vested interests carve up the cake & enforce their vision of society. The winners become more rapacious & assertive, the victims evermore isolated & despairing. The Bolsheviks & Nazis both showed that when the carcass of a falsely representative democratic talking shop is exhausted it gives rise to a different & heinous tyranny in which the ordinary Joe & his family are the most common & calamitous victims.

Since the British spirit of standing up, facing the odds & doing what is just has been supressed & replaced by the brain-dead, easy-to-manipulate docility of the "one & only true ideology - Clockwork Orange political correctness", perhaps the British should learn about the Civil War or even 1848. Maybe they no longer have the bottle shown by Filipinos, Tunisians or Egyptians?


Might be a bit early to talk about the bottle of Tunisians or Egyptians. They have a long way to go.

Nor do most Brits face the desperate conditions which have aroused unemployed Egyptian men. I would guess that the EU bites, but not hard enough yet to anger most Brits.

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