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Egypt: What a pity

The Mubarak family has British connections. President Mubarak is married to Suzanne, whose mother was Welsh. Their son Gamal is an Anglophile with a house in London. His two greatest heroes are Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

You would think that the Mubaraks could have figured out that establishing the rule of just law and free trade, as the British did in Hong Kong, they could have protected the Egyptian people from corruption and their combined creative energies would have created a prosperous Egypt. Instead, corruption is rife, and partly as a result, unemployment is sky high - a tragedy for the countless young men and women who cannot find jobs. All too soon it will be a tragedy for their children.

The only cases where the masses have escaped from grinding poverty. . .the only cases in recorded history, are where they have had capitalism and largely free trade. . .There is no alternative way of improving the lot of the ordinary person that can hold a candle to the productive activities of the free-enterprise system. . .(Milton Friedman)

Just law and incorruptible officials is part of that equation.

Under Sir John Cowperthwaite’s administration, Hong Kong became a city with six million prosperous and largely peaceful citizens under a non-interventionist government whose foundation was British common law. it was also knit together with the institutions, charities, trusts, schools, associations and societies which help people to help each other.

Were the Mubaraks greedy or ignorant?

Then again, the British aren't being taught about the free economy and rule of law they created.

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I am beginning to think Obama's plan to curry favor with the Muslim world is to simply give it time to develop into a super caliphate which will subjugate Europe and demolish Israel.

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