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Terrific British men

Since I moved to Shawford six months ago, I have met some terrific British men.

These men tend to be highly motivated, self-reliant, and no-nonsense. They return my phone calls immediately, and are always polite.

They drink tea with milk but without sugar. They are physically fit, drive vans or 4WDs and are never obsequious.

They like to do a job well and they like the sterling to compensate them doing it. They are skilled at what they do, and have certainly spent far more than ten thousand hours honing their skills.

At the sound of my American accent, they usually mention they have travelled to America, or they intend to. Their idea of vacation is America or the Amazon - some far-flung place.

They bear the vicissitudes of government interference and taxation in ways which are stoical and imaginative.

They love land - green fields, woods and streams - and if they can they will buy it.

Each one of them is distinctly different from the other - you would never confuse any one of them or their trades - electrician, floor layer, plumber, chimney sweep, mechanic. Still, they seem to share some admirable characteristics.

Admittedly this is a small statistical sampling.

I respect them.

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