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Sunlit Uplands - a new blog

Daniel J. Cassidy, who lives in South Carolina, and has had a notable career with the George HW Bush and George W Bush administrations and in education reform and school choice, has started a new blog with the wonderful title Sunlit Uplands, a phrase used by Winston Churchill when he called on the Anglo-American world to defend civilization from the Nazis. Cassidy writes -

My blog is dedicated to a defense of Western Christian culture, particularly through a vibrant, organic cultural, social, and spiritual union of the English-speaking peoples, as envisioned by Sir Winston Churchill. Of course, my blog's title is from the great man's "Finest Hour" speech.

I include regular posts on Britain, annually post Her Majesty's Christmas Day Broadcast, and among the choral music that I post on Sundays are many videos from various British cathedrals and colleges. I include regular stories and tributes to Sir Winston Churchill, and enjoy reciprocal linking with such sites as The Monarchist, Piddingworth, Gates of Vienna, the Anglosphere Consortium, and the New English Review.

A few posts you may find interesting:

America Betrays Britain in Her Hour of Need

The Anglosphere: New Attention to an Old Idea - inspiring quotations from poets and Chuchill in this post

There'll Always Be An England - by the brilliant Mark Steyn

Happy Saint George's Day!

John O'Sullivan on Margaret Thatcher: A Legacy of Freedom

Rockford Institute Announces 13th Annual Summer School will Study the Anglo-Saxons

I post daily, so not every post directly pertains to things British, but I explained the underlying theme once as follows:

It is the idea that there is a natural, organic unity of the English-speaking peoples throughout the world based on their history, language and culture. They share a belief in "fair play," a dedication to individualism, have a strong sense of justice, and a willingness to stand up for the "little guy" and those who have been unfairly treated. These cultural qualities are the foundation for the great hallmarks of the English-speaking world - Magna Carta, habeas corpus, trial by jury, freedom of speech, common law and America's own Bill of Rights.

And because I believe Sir Winston Churchill stands as the greatest proponent of those ideals, I wanted the title of my blog to be associated with him.

Cassidy's blog Sunlit Uplands is full of energy, beauty and interest. His most recent post has video of British historian Andrew Roberts speaking about the Anglosphere.

If we can stand up for freedom, "the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands".

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