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Let us raise a glass to the campaigners who kept us out of the Euro

George Trefgarne, a Director of Open Europe, remembers the campaign that kept Britain out of the €uro. Business for Sterling was, perhaps, the most successful campaign run by defenders of British liberty and prosperity.

Trefgame writes -

In the rush to point fingers at the guilty men who would have led us into the euro - Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair and their fellow travellers in the City - we must not forget those who successfully campaigned to keep us out: Rodney, now Lord Leach, and his merry men.

. . .Rodney, whose day job is consigliere to the Keswick family at Jardine Matheson, called together a handful. . . , including Conrad Black, the Marquis of Salisbury and Rupert Hambro, and founded Business for Sterling. Nick Herbert, now MP for Arundel, was hired as chief executive and a campaign got underway, with one aim: to convince Tony Blair that he should back off, because it would not be worth the bother to call a referendum.

What started as a somewhat lonely, marginal enterprise gradually gained momentum. . .

George has the fascinating details on exactly how success was achieved.

Looking at the Euro mess in Ireland and Greece, we owe them and many small businesspeople and unsung patriots such as Bill and Ann Woodhouse a debt of gratitude. We're happy to join George in raising a thankful glass to all of them. And we wouldn't want to forget Jimmy Goldsmith and his Referendum Party. I think there's no doubt that without him we would be in the Euro now.

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