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Mary's trip to England

An American asked us for travel advice. I can't say she took any, but afterwards she wrote -

My husband, Dave and I had a wonderful trip to England.

London was very busy and exciting with so many places to visit: Westminster Abbey Evensong was particularly lovely as was the verger tour. Many walks through Hyde Park.

Devonshire was just beautiful, and we loved our country manor house there: Northcote Manor near Burrington, Umberleigh. I would highly recommend it. We hiked in Dartmoor and did an apple and cider festival nearby. Driving on the small roads there is really quite an experience.

The last part of our trip was in the Cotswolds which is so fairytale pretty. . .


England has been very beautiful this autumn, and Mary's stay in a manor house (never mind staying and keeping it up!) remains a lovely memory now that she and her husband are back at work in Pennsylvania.

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