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A very cold winter coming?

For the sake of the poor struggling with heating bills, I hope not.

Pajamas Media has the story.

The solar minimum, which is described in the article, and which has a freezing effect on climate, was first described by Englishman Edward Maunder. (Scroll down to the frost fair on the Thames.)

La Nina is the cold sister of El Ni?o, and she is due to arrive, perhaps more coldly and strongly than she has in almost a century. La Nina and El Ni?o are part of the Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle, first discovered by Sir Gilbert Walker.

Walker was researching the monsoon-drought pattern occurring in India during the early years of the 20th century when he discovered the seesaw variation in pressure between the eastern and western Pacific Ocean. The connection between this oscillating pressure pattern and El Ni?o was developed by a Norwegian. The linked article explains how La Nina can make winter very cold in Britain.

Brrr. And for the third time this month, frost has lain white on the meadows of Shawford.

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