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Cutting the budget and ducking the question

Britain's budget deficit was unsustainable. Cuts had to be made. But why was foreign aid to Singapore not cut? Why did the government not refuse to send danegeld to the European Union?

The Guardian carries the most negative report on the cuts, but we no longer believe its supposed allegiance to the poor, on whom the budget axe falls heavily. The Guardian never mentions the billions of pounds being wasted on bureaucrats and MEPs in Brussels. Billions which could be spent on British needs. Nothing! Neither the government nor the Guardian offered one word.

'Nothing comes from nothing! Speak again.'

The MPs cheering the Chancellor's speech, which will eliminate 500,000 government jobs, looked mean. Well paid as they are, they could at least have observed the dignified silence that usually accompanies a burial.

Again we ask the Chancellor, the Prime Minister, their MPs and the lackey press, why are you sticking financial knives into the bodies of Brits, and saying not one word about EU danegeld? Not one word about aid to Singapore? Not one word!

Your silence wounds. It speaks no truth and shows no love for the British people.

Speak again for nothing good can come of this.

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