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A kingdom in a newspaper

We thought we could see a swathe of the United Kingdom in the latest edition of the Hampshire Chronicle, which, as its name suggests, reports on goings on in the county of Hampshire. Lying on the south coast, this county was part of Alfred's Wessex and dates back to at least AD 757. The latest Chronicle featured -

Farm shows with beer, cheese, cricket and fine animals

Tim Taylor returned from successfully cycling round the world to raise money for healthcare in Africa

Owners taking their heirlooms to Winchester Cathedral for the Antiques Road Show

A local fund-raising bike ride, this by the Romsey RFC, to raise money for Help for Heroes. Cyclists presented it to the young widow of St Sgt Olaf Schmid, who died disarming an IED on his last day of duty in Afghanistan.

Young air cadets showing their support for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

Colourful pages on local school sports

A 'fond farewell to a pillar of the Sikh community'

Concerns about new charges for elderly care and less help for low income renters, but nary a word about the vast sums sent to the European Union - taxpayers' money which would cover all these costs and more if only it remained in the kingdom

Conservationists saving Kenya's rare Grevy zebra at Marwell Wildlife (the animals are tracked by reading their 'barcode' of stripes)

A new town of 20,000 moving closer to reality despite fierce local attempts to stop it from ravaging England's green fields- naturally it's being called an 'eco-town' by its developers

A wind farm announced for Kirton Farm, when evidence makes clear that wind farms are built to obtain large government subsidies and cannot produce anywhere near enough energy for British needs to counter their contribution as eyesores and destroyers of birds

The dismay of Winchester councillors that the Royal Mail proposes to delete the names of counties such as Hampshire from mail addresses

A plethora of ads, particularly for property, and, given the number and prices, possibly ominous.

Pages of lovely music and theatre listings

In short, hope, hard work, laughter, threats, community resilience. . .

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