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Could opponents of the EU do this?

Radical decentralization. No leaders, no headquarters, no hierarchy. Self-reliant local networks, inspired by shared principles of freedom, fuelled by open-source ideas, coordinating nationally.

Smart. Connected. Successful.

Isn't this a bit like the organization of the Countryside March? It didn't have immediate effect, but eventually, I think, it has had a huge and positive effect by letting urban dwellers know what people in the country feel and how many of them there are.

I think this radical decentralization also resembles the British people's campaign to abolish the slave trade. They lacked the internet, but they were connected. They were a fellowship without a hierarchy or any one leader. They were successful.

Thank you, Instapundit for the link.

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In my lone opinion, it must come soon, while there is still a critical mass of citizens in the various republics who value their liberty. Big Brother is growing apace.

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