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Marden Henge discovery

Houses, stone tools and a feast carefully cleared away 4,500 years ago at a site halfway between Stonehenge and Avebury -

In the past fortnight English Heritage archaeologists have peeled back the thin layer of turf covering the site of Marden Henge, which has somehow escaped being ploughed for more than 4,000 years. They were astounded to find the undisturbed original surface just as the prehistoric Britons left it.
Their reactions to traces of a moat, two henges, earth banks, where the remains of houses where found, the remnants of a feast and a ceremonial avenue leading to the Avon include 'gobsmacked' and 'a shiver down the spine'.

Healing centres, ceremonial arenas or "celestial clocks" used to help establish the movements of the Sun and the Moon? (The latter important to Megalithic people because they sailed round Britain and wanted to predict the tides.) Not one reason for being, but several. We are fascinated when the past is brought to the surface of the earth. . .

Thanks to An Englishman's Castle for the link.

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