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We are the defenders

I'm in Battle of Brandywine country, to be with a dear aunt who is dying and to visit aunts and uncles and a host of cousins. Posting has been, and will be, light for a few more days. In the meantime, we have 'put the book to bed'.

After a series of layout and text changes that tested our patience (and, I'm sorry to say, sometimes found it wanting), our files have been uploaded. (Every author knows the hope and agony of these last weeks when something inevitably goes awry.) But with the upload, Butler Tanner & Dennis in Frome, on Caxton Street, will have Share the Inheritance printed and bound in a few weeks. And we'll have more to share with you. . .

Now, in the heat and drenching humidity of an East Coast summer, amid flowers, thunderstorms, cicadas and fields of corn, busy highways and the quiet of houses whose guardians are immensely tall trees, I am remembering again how much of the Inheritance came to America from Britain, from those Brits who died for a just law for everyone, for freedom of speech, association and conscience, for the right to be silent, for the right to be judged by a jury of their peers, for the right to create a free and abundant economy. . .

They knew, deep in their bones, that freedom was the God-given source of good. There is a reason that the words free and friend share the same root. To truly love a person is to want them to be free.

I am remembering and reaffirming that we are the defenders of that Inheritance. All of us.

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tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạng

You're right in my territory. It's not usually this hot. Honestly.

I like the new look.

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