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Summer in Norfolk

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I remember the light of long evenings and the windmill sails turning slowly against huge golden skies and the brown dots of cattle grazing on the windswept farmland. I remember the miles of lonely sandhills and the oak woods bleached by salt floods and the lost ancient churches drowsing in a wild forgotten landscape. I remember that summer of all summers, the parting of still waters beneath the prow of our yacht, the cry of the redshank, the boom of the bittern, the flash of trout in bright waters, the gleam of wild goose and the thunder of wild fowl on the wing. I remember rising at dawn and seeing the light changing on the dark meres and secret waterways, watching the movements of the bulrushes and reed-mace, the swaying of the marsh grasses as the birds began to stir. And at night the mists would swirl up from the marshes and drift through the dykes. . .I remember the gleaming fastnesses of reed and swamp, the timelessness of undiscovered villages and the walled magnificence of Mallingham Hall. -Susan Howatch

Love took up the glass of Time, and turn’d it in his glowing hands; every moment, lightly shaken, ran itself in golden sands. –Tennyson

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Thank you for reminding me how much I enjoy a Tennyson phrase!

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