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The obvious answer

Driving around Devon, we have listened to Classical FM and the BBC. The nation's broadcaster, the BBC has focused on the parlous state of the country's finances and the major cuts that are required if Britain is to stay afloat.

You are aware of the tremendous drain on Britain by the European Union, which demands £ billions every year, so it will surprise you to learn that we have never heard the BBC ask the simple questions, why are we sending that money to Brussels? Is it doing us any good? Why not plug the gaping holes sinking the British ship of state with pounds being sent to the EU? And why is the EU increasing its budget and its financial demands?

No doubt the BBC, true to its charter to educate, has been asking these questions, and preoccupied with rural sights, we have missed hearing them.

Daniel Hannan MEP has raised these questions and answered them, and pointed to the shoals which will wreck Britain unless we leave the EU.

Sometimes the obvious answer is the answer. The EU intends to wreck Britain and take its place.

So despite a wedding, we are still concerned with the same issues - and that, we imagine, is the way it is for you, too. Family, friends, work - and a passionate concern for your community and country, too. In the end, they cannot be separated.

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Having cast off its old religion as shopworn and inapplicable to modern life, Europe patiently awaits conquering by a completely medieval one. In the meantime,
it will have an interim, secular religion which is blind in one eye and cannot see out of the other...and speaks French.

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