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Wedding bells

On the 4th of June we were joined in marriage. Hooray!

We’ve been linked in many ways, with years of friendship, the Brits blog and the book we are about to publish, and now at last we were joined before God in Christ’s Church, in Rye, New York. The day was boiling hot and beautiful. The church is lovely and built like an English parish church. The choir was stirring in all the hymns. Szilvia Schranz, who left her three-month-old Oliver with the deacon so she could sing Mozart’s Laudate Dominus during the Offertory, was heavenly. (The Christ’s Church choir, led by choirmaster and organist Andrew Sheranian, will sing at Salisbury Cathedral next year and we hope to hear them again there.) Birds were singing, in response to the choir’s music, it seemed, through the open doors, and the church cat, attracted by events, strolled through the narthex before we began. Friends and family joined in all the hymns and prayers and the youngest Abbotts scattered rose petals down the nave aisle and carried the rings in a model English sports car.

The last prayer, with its centuries-old language, comes from the Book of Common Prayer and is one we would wish for anyone who marries.

More, anon!

Comments (6)

Pete Moore:

Wonderful news.

Congratulations to you both here's wishing you many happy years together.


Congratulations! May you enjoy every happiness.

All the best to you, David and Cat! Looks like a wonderful place for a honeymoon, too. Cheers/blessings

Lena Lencek:

May you continue to find joy and delight and inspiration and love in each other! My love to you both!

Albert Hopkins Shirley:

May the sun shine and happiness, shine up on you
both, as you venture through life's pathways together.

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