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New Conservative Prime Minister and his Lib-Dem deputy - a solid bit of carpentry?

As you may have heard, David Cameron is the new PM and Nick Clegg is his deputy. They have formed a coalition government.

One commentator spoke of this government as a roller-coaster ride and a huge leap into the unknown. Leaping while on a roller-coaster is not an experience we would recommend, though we did once jump off a cliff into a river to exhilarating effect. We would prefer this new political partnership to resemble that solid table where we've worked and dined - a combination of sturdy legs and improvised top bolted into place. The table is tip top, and has endured.

For the sake of the British people, we hope this bolted together government, facing one of Britain's bigger crises, proves far greater than the sum of its parts. We're doubtful because both Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg support the EU, which is making more than 75% of Britain's laws and messing Britain up. Plus they are Bilderburgers - supporters of one-world burgers made of a medley of meats and served overdone.

So we're not sanguine, no, but sometimes necessity rules. Perhaps out of sheer necessity this new government will buckle up and buckle down.


In new ministerial appointments, Iain Duncan Smith, a good and wise man, becomes Work and Pensions Secretary.

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Lets hope this relation ship holds together like a strong oak cabinet rather than fall apart like a weak willow wardrobe

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