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Bond rescues islanders

Alex Bond, that is.

A British yachtsman who stopped off at a remote island in the South Pacific, Bond helped to co-ordinate an international rescue for inhabitants of Kanton after finding they had run out of supplies.


Entrance to Kanton Lagoon. Village on left. Image: Wiki

The kids were really in trouble. 'Fourteen adults and 10 children were dangerously short of food. An expected supply ship had not arrived and they had been living on fish and coconuts for several months. Bond and his three crew members shared what they had, and radioed for help.

We really like stories of spontaneous service like this. From another report we learned that one crew member was involved with ShelterBox. This is a terrific programme I've only just learned about, and deserves its own post.

An atoll located in the South Pacific Ocean roughly halfway between Hawaii and Fiji, the island of Kanton has a bevy of names - Mary Island, Mary Balcout's Island and Swallow Island. It is the largest and sole inhabited island of the Phoenix Islands, in the Republic of Kiribati.

Discovered in 1824 by two London whaling ships (Wiki, it was jointly run by Britain and the United States and flourished as a stopover for planes. Longer flying jets ended that hiatus.

Today Bond and the crew are still anchored at the island, awaiting the arrival of supplies. . .

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