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Code of Conduct for MPs and a shocking question

Two patriots have written to the Times and Telegraph -

As the General Election approaches, it might be useful to look at the Code of Conduct for MPs and the shocking statistic recently published by your newspaper.

Prepared pursuant to a Resolution of the House of the 19th July 1995, the Code of Conduct requires "Selflessness" of MPs. It states that Holders of Public Office should take decisions solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefit for themselves, their families, or their friends. Had this principle been rigorously applied to the conduct of MPs, there would presently be no scandal attached to their claimed expenses.

However, what the MPs spent on themselves is but a small percentage of the vast sums spent by an increasingly indebted government. MPs have done nothing to control government extravagance. Your leading editorial of March 22nd 2010 confirms that "State spending now accounts for more than half of Britain's economy, for the first time since OECD records began". This is appalling. Excessive government spending hurts real job creators by reducing available capital and weakening the currency. For this to happen in a nation of entrepreneurs means that something is drastically wrong and the economy is being wrecked.

Could it be that the influence of economists who are eager to destroy our nation from within the Socialist population are being successful? Lenin said that the easiest way to destroy capitalism was to debauch the currency.

Donald Miles-Marsh and David R. Bourne

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As with the US Congress, there are two most likely explanations for such counter-intuitive actions: the awful possibility you suggest; or the equally appalling possibility that our lawmakers and other leaders of society are no longer capable of conceiving the potential of disaster because "it cannot happen to us." With friends like these, who needs enemies like those?

E. Phillips Oppenheim wrote a novel titled THE GOLDEN BEAST which predicates the recurring necessity of reversal of fortune to re-attune the successful person to hard work and determination.

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