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A new heroine - pensioner confronts Prime Minister; PM covers himself in mud

It was like a script for the The Thick of It, but more preposterous: embattled Prime Minister attends general election photocall in northern mill town with young miscreants repaying their debt to society. Prime Minister collides with pensioner Gillian Duffy on her way to shops who takes him to task on debt, student loans and immigration. Prime Minister finally disentangles himself from said old lady with pat-on-head remarks about what a marvellous thing the family is. PM gets in car and the mask slips – “that was a disaster”, “should never have put me with that woman” – as if there is no such thing as a real passer-by, but only PM-friendly passers-by laid on by “Sue” – Sue Nye, his blonde gatekeeper. How dare she question him on such things. An old 'bigot', that’s what she is. No matter that she was a staunch Labour supporter and helper of children. And the radio mike still attached to his waste [sorry, Telegraph, that would be waist]. Where is that radio mike now? In pieces, one would imagine. Hurled into low earth orbit after that first, dreadful realization.

Gillian Duffy is a gem. About Gordon Brown Mrs Duffy politely remarked on video, 'I'm sure he should go out into the public and find out what's going on with our lives.'

She made the distinction between knowing Brown's character because you've spent time with him, and knowing him as a politician on television. The distinction escaped the press pack.

They revealed their seamy side as as shockingly as the Prime Minister did, but they're entirely unaware of it. They made fun of Gillian on camera because she took a call to her cell phone while they were photographing her. Shocking! They could hardly believe a call to her phone was as important as their 'live Sky interview'. After all, watching them is the only thing that really matters, isn't it?

Maybe they 'should go out into the public and find out what's going on with our lives'.

The blindness and arrogance of press and Prime Minister beggar belief. Together they have brought the nation to the edge of a precipice.

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