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For those interested in tea party ideas in action

Katie Eyre Brewer, who is running for the Oregon State Legislature, is an excellent CPA, a brilliant candidate and a beautiful woman. She read some of our posts about the power and importance of the covenant between leaders and people, and wrote to us -

Government makes certain commitments to its citizens. Covenants. When government requests your tax dollars, they make commitments to you in exchange. These commitments are varied, but still with the realization that they are to be caretakers of your money, and in exchange, they will exercise fiscal and sound stewardship, provide the services that make sense for them to do rather than the private sector (build roads, for example) and be accountable to the people, whose money it was in the first place. Government should not have a sense of entitlement to your money, and should never collect a dime of the people’s money without awareness of what government is to give back in return. I have shared this idea when speaking to people, and it is amazing to me how many heads vigorously nod in agreement.


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