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Landscape gardener Anthea Gibson

Restraint was, in a way, her message to the world – never negative, but an affirmation of her love of symmetry, harmony and the life of the spirit – a life that she conjured into every place on which she worked.

At her home in Westwell,

You might start out through the rose garden and end up in an orchard filmy with waist-high white cow parsley, or a round garden planted to catch the moonlight, wondering how you got there. It has the richly textured effect of distinct rooms in a dream, in which you can't remember whether you took a right turn or a left. . .The spirit of the medieval garden is oddly in tune with the needs of today's world, 'which sadly is not a safe place', Mrs. Gibson said, standing by her own front door.

I'm sorry. I could not find a good picture of any of her gardens. I think their peacefulness has to be experienced in person.

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