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If your child was kidnapped, and you had sent large ransom payments for his release, you would be a bit nonplussed if the kidnapper told you that you were spending too much.

For years Britain has been making large ransom payments to people who have kidnapped our freedoms, democracy and economy. Now that we are going broke, due in part to the enormous sums we send to Brussels every day, the EU has the nerve to tell us that our budget deficit is too big and has to be cut.

Well, there's a simple way to handle that - a courteous departure from the EU. Aside from the money saved, this would have the great advantage of helping to restore Britain's independence and democracy.

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Mike Spilligan:

I've no doubt that there'd be a big financial penalty on withdrawal; it may even be defined already. That makes me wonder what action is needed to have the UK discharged from our "Treaty" obligations, and whether it could be confirmed by a simple majority rather than unanimity of the 26 other members.

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