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Making a garden


Image: Rosemary Verey's Making of a Garden
Every year, "when the flowers are just going over and the leaves are still strong", the snow drops are 'dug, divided and replanted, singly or in very small clusters'.

We mentioned below that there are thousands of things people want to do, aside from paying increasingly onerous taxes to their government. One of them is making a garden.

Rosemary Verey OBE, VMH, who died in 2001, was an internationally-known English garden designer, lecturer and prolific garden writer who created her garden at Barnsley House.

I especially liked what she did with her vegetable garden. She was inspired by William Lawson, who lived and gardened in the 17th century, and wrote out appealing rules for gardeners. He thought that 'comely borders with herbs' and 'abundance of roses and lavender [would] yield much profit and comfort to the senses'. Verey took his advice and laid out simple brick paths. lined them with boxwood and planted her beds with vegetables, flowers and fruit trees. It looked beautiful and it grew abundantly.

You can see what she did in her book.

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