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"Where are the crowds of revenue slaves?"


Ready for shearing, Wales
Image (detail) Howard Maunders, On This Day

Simon Jenkins asks, "Where are the crowds of revenue slaves flocking to London to demand redress for the squandering of their money? Marginal tax is rising to 50%, VAT to 17.5% and state spending towards half the national product. The Treasury has lost control of public finance. So why no furious blue-rinses, bail-out -haters, bonus-bleaters and embittered VAT victims storming parliament? Has a corrupt political class reduced the British people to quiescent gerbils?" Or sheeple?

The answer, Simon is that people are working.

You recall that in the past millions of Brits stopped working to join in great reform enterprises such as Magna Carta, the push for Parliament, the Great Revolt, the Civil War, the Agitators, the Chartists and the Suffragettes.

But we repeat, People are working, creating, producing, paying the bills.

They have children to raise. Gardens to dig. Amusements to enjoy. Taxes to pay.

They pay their MPs salaries, which are greater than those they themselves earn, to protect them from incompetent, corrupt, over-regulating, privacy-invading, high-taxing, self-dealing, foreign-dependent, quang-mire governments.

So how's that working out?

It has always taken the people a bit of time before they rise.

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Brad Lena:


“Revenue slaves,” that is a great descriptor and great commentary too. As an aside, ruling regimes usually disarm the populace before they impose their will or governance upon the populace; they seem to have forgotten that step here in America.


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