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March SOS

Editor Iris Binstead has sent us the latest SOS. Depending on your temperament it will chill you to the bone or kindle a fire in your heart.


WHO BENEFITS? (To name just a few)

Al Gore whose highly controversial documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth (for which he received an Oscar) led to his being awarded a Nobel Prize in 2007.

Governments throughout the world (including ours) for whom Global Warming provides yet another means of exercising control over the lives of their peoples as well as a useful source of taxation.
Global Businesses. Climate change also generates a huge amount of money for international companies who exercise a great deal of influence on governments throughout the world, including the EU.

Energy companies (by means of government subsidies for ‘green’ projects, etc).

Wind turbine manufacturers, operators, installers and owners of wind farms; also manufacturers of solar panels, electric cars, etc., etc. This includes all those involved in schemes to use the sea as a source of energy supply. German firms are reported to have won contracts worth more than £100 billion for Britain`s offshore wind farms.

Buyers and sellers of carbon credits, including the Chicago Climate Change (see also Dr Rajendra Pachauri who receives large fees for his services to this body).

Investment Bankers. According to Harpers Magazine, carbon trading is now the fastest growing commodities market on earth. Since 2005 there have been more than $300 billion carbon transactions prompting several investment banks, including Goldman Sachs and Barclays, to set up their own carbon trading desks.

Universities with Climate Change departments (e.g. the University of East Anglia, home to the Climate Research Unit (CRU) (director, Professor Phil Jones) which plays a lead role in compiling UN reports. Hackers who got into its computers leaked thousands of private emails and documents which pointed to efforts to ‘massage’ years of temperature data to ‘hide the decline’ in world temperatures.

Pensylvania State University and Michael Mann, the originator of the notorious ‘hockey stick’ graph which formed the centrepiece of an IPCC report on Climate Change in 2001. This graph, later exposed as a ‘statistical illusion’ purported to show during the late twentieth century temperatures had soared to unprecedented levels. (Other inaccuracies in this IPCC report included the potential of wave power to produce electricity and other unsubstantiated information gleaned from press releases, newsletters, students dissertations and environmental pressure groups). Mann is a Professor at Pensylvania and his research brings the university millions of dollars).

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (see also Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, who chairs it.)
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) (see also Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, its Director General. This body was originally set up by the massive Indian group, TATA. Dr Syed Hasnain (a senior member of the TERI staff who was the originator of the wildly alarming claim, published in an IPCC report, that Himalayan glaciers could disappear by 2035, a claim the IPCC was later forced to admit had no scientific basis.)

Major banks throughout the world, including Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank (see also Buyers and Sellers of Carbon credits and Dr Pachauri).

TATA, the Indian group which now owns the Redcar plant of former British Steel Company, Corus, now closed down. (see also Dr Rajendra Pachauri).

DR RAJENDRA PACHAURI, Chairman of the IPPC. A highly controversial figure who has been accused (but has denied the charge) of helping TERI (see above) to win a substantial share in a $500,000 grant from a leading American charity and a share in a 3 million euro research study, funded by the EU. Dr Pachauri was awarded a Nobel prize in 2007 at the same time as Al Gore. He is currently involved in a row with the Indian Government after calling a report by a leading Indian glaciologist, Dr V J Raina, “voodoo science”. Dr Raina had dismissed Dr. Hasnain's (see above) report to the Indian government as baseless.

Dr Pachauri is also reported to hold a number of other posts involving the giving of advice on climate change to organisations ranging from major banks such as Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank (see Banks, above) to Toyoto Motors and Chicago Climate Change (see buyers and sellers of carbon credits). Both Dr Pachauri and TERI insist that the large fees received for Dr Pachauri`s services go to TERI but whilst he denies that TERI has any connection with the Indian TATA group which initially set up TERI, a TERI spokesman said that they had not severed their connections with TATA. There are also reports that Dr Pachauri is under pressure to resign as Chairman of the UN`s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change before the public loses all confidence in the organisation.


The main loser, throughout the world, is, as always, the taxpayer who is footing the bill for all the money governments are throwing at what is not an established fact, but an unproven theory dismissed by thousands of scientists world-wide.

Electricity customers are paying more than £1 billion a year to subsidise wind farms and other types of renewable energy. The levy is part of a government scheme to force energy suppliers to fund so-called ‘green’ energy and is estimated to have cost the average consumer an extra £13.50 in the past year.

As the costs of the scheme are also passed on to businesses, it could have a significant impact on the economy.

In this connection, the Daily Mail, 9.1.10, reported that there were plans to build, between now and 2026, 6,400 giant turbines which will rise 500 ft above the sea. These plans, expected to cost £75 billion, are driven by EU climate change targets and, according to the government, will supply one quarter of our electricity needs. Critics believe the plans are unrealistic, deeply flawed and will leave the UK dangerously reliant on winds to keep the lights burning. (Cold snaps, when electricity is most needed, are caused by high pressure, when winds fail to blow),

People who lose their jobs, e.g. employees of Corus`s Redcar steel plant in Sheffield whose new owner, TATA, has closed it down. TATA is reported to stand to receive a £90 million allocation of carbon credits to sell on to other firms. (The British government is prevented from intervening due to the same punitive EU Competition Law which led to several thousand British Post Offices, many of them in isolated rural communities, being forced to close. -Ed)


Professor Ian Plimer, Professor of Earth Sciences at Melbourne University, is a leading Climate Change sceptic. He has called man-made climate change a “load of hot air underpinned by fraud” and has said that Governments are treating the public like “fools” and using climate change to increase taxes. “Climates always change”, he told a London audience. They always have and they always will. They are driven by a number of factors that are random and cyclical.” According to Professor Plimer, climate change is caused by natural events such as the shifting of the earth`s orbit, volcanic eruptions and cosmic radiation. He also said that carbon dioxide levels had been up to 1,000 times higher in the past and that CO2 cannot be driving global warming now.

Graham Danton, a former BBC broadcaster with a background in meteorology and oceanography, is also unconvinced. According to Danton, “Volcanoes emit more CO2 each day than we make in two years.”

Dr V J Raina is a leading glaciologist whose report for the Indian Government last November showed that the rate of retreat of Himalayan glaciers had not increased in the last fifty years brought a furious response from Dr Pachauri who is now involved in a row with the Indian government about it.

Christopher, Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister, is one of the most knowledgeable and assiduous of the global warming sceptics. Lord Monckton has travelled to many countries, including the USA, Canada and Australia, to alert the people told what their governments were really up to at the Copenhagen Conference. (See One World Order) He has appeared on numerous radio and TV programmes.

A number of videos and recordings have been made of these programmes and may be found on the internet.

Al Gore and the mediaeval warming period

The Great Global Warming Swindlel

A link to a video by former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, is worth exploring. Ventura not only interviews Lord Monckton but, along with a team of investigating journalists, follows the global warming paper trail around the world to a former UN official now living in China.

The Oregon Petition, by scientists opposed to the Kyoto protocol and re-circulated in 2007 has the signatures of over 31,000 scientists, including 9,000 PhDs, who believe that anthropogenic global warming has not occurred.


Lord Monckton has also gone on record as stating that the real purpose behind the Copenhagen Conference, as revealed in the draft Copenhagen document, which he has seen, was to establish the nucleus of global government and to set up its institutions.

On 19 November 2009, prior to the Lisbon Treaty being made law, the former EU foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, speaking on the Britannia Radio programme, Russia Today, confirmed that the basis for global governance was already in place since Latin America and Asian blocs are to be modelled on EU lines. Further confirmation came from Herman Van Rompuy, the recently appointed permanent President of the European Union, who, speaking in Brussels on 9.12.09 said: . . . “2009 is the first year of global governance with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of a financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the management of our planet.” North America, Africa and Asia-Australia-New Zealand, have also been mentioned in the global governance context.


Christopher Booker, along with his colleague and co-author of many books, Dr Richard North, are undoubtedly the best known, and best informed, writers on climate change as well as on the workings of the European Union, and for anyone interested in either subject, Booker`s weekly column in The Sunday Telegraph is essential reading.


An Ofgem report on the UK’s energy market is the subject of an editorial in the Financial Times, 5.2.10. It notes that the UK is bound by an EU directive that requires that 15% of its energy needs come from renewable sources by 2020. The report states that “This is expensive and unnecessary”, and concludes that the UK should renegotiate this commitment. It admits that “Changing a European treaty will not be easy. Britain will need to find allies in other countries similarly hard-pressed by the targets….”

According to a report by Reuters, 12.2.10, the EU Commission has received evidence which casts a negative light on biofuels due to their impact on land use, but have not made this public. The International Herald Tribune of the same date reported that a top civil servant in the Agricultural Department of the Commission, wrote in internal correspondence that the evidence could be used to ‘kill’ subsidised biofuels. The EU plans to achieve most of its 10% renewable energy for transport through biofuels


On 12th December last year, Marta Andreason, UKIP MEP, a member of the EU Budget Control Committee, asked Commissioner-designate Algirdas Semeta, prior to the Budgetary Control Committee, if he planned to establish the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPP) as was provided for by the Lisbon Treaty. He replied that “We should move forward”. Mr Semeta further confirmed that the matter was being discussed by other members of the EU Commission.

According to Marta, this means that it is already Commission policy and will be implemented in due course. Article 86 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) (part of the Lisbon Treaty) provides for the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor (EPP). For the proposal to become law there must be unanimity in the EU Council. This provides the UK with a very strong position to prevent it happening.

Marta believes that the concept of a European Public Prosecutor is repugnant to the British people and in the past the UK Government has signified its dissent to the proposal. It would create a criminal prosecution service at EU level. The European system of law known as ‘Corpus Juris’ threatens to usurp the UK’s 800-year-old Common Law system and does not recognise habeas corpus, trial by jury and innocence until proved guilty. Marta Andreason has written an open letter to David Cameron, the Conservative Leader, asking him if he will undertake now to include in the Conservative Party manifesto for the forthcoming general election an unambiguous pledge to veto any proposal to establish a European Public Prosecutor’s Office if he becomes Prime Minister. To my knowledge, at the time of writing, David Cameron has made no comment.

A solicitor working in Britain, who is also a barrister in New Zealand, has commented: “Any government which allowed the introduction of Corpus Juris would be in the wilderness for a generation. It would mean such a major revolution in the legal system that no existing British lawyers would be able to practise, not to mention the effect on the community. It would mean the entry into the country of a multitude of European lawyers to run it, new judges (European initially) and a complete rejigging of the way the police forces work. The disruption would be akin to, say, requiring all future commercial businesses in England to be negotiated using the French language….”


On 9.2.10, the European Parliament approved the appointment of all 27 candidates for the Commission. Speaking in the Parliament on that date, Nigel Farage, UKIP MEP, stated that 10 of the commissioners were ex-communists and the recently re-appointed President of the Commission, Mr Barroso, was an ex-Maoist. Mr Farage also said that Baroness Ashton, the new European Foreign Secretary, when questioned had refused to say whether or not she had received payment from Russia during her tenure as Treasurer of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). These are the people who really govern our country!


Writing in the Spectator on line, 11.2.10, Melanie Phillips reported that Andrew Neather, a former speechwriter for various Labour Cabinet ministers, had let slip the fact that the Labour Government had been involved in a covert act of national sabotage by loosening immigration rules in order to change the ethnic makeup of the UK. This would also ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’.

Subsequently, Neather tried to deny this but it was confirmed by the publishing in January 2001 of a document entitled ‘RDS Occasional Paper No 67 – Migration: an Economic and Social Analysis’. This focused on the labour market case for immigration, but earlier drafts included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural.

The Chairman of Migrationwatch, Sir Andrew Green, has obtained an earlier draft of the document by Andrew Neather. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, 10.2.10, he said that he rubbed his eyes with disbelief when he discovered that mass immigration was a deliberate policy of the Labour Government from late 2000. The policy was shrouded in tight secrecy in case the white working class were alienated, which now appears to have happened. According to research by the Electoral Commission in 2005, the ethnic population votes heavily in favour of Labour.

According to Ashley Mote, a former MEP, the British Home Office’s Intervention Unit was formed to identify radical Islamic individuals and groups in order to divert them from their radical ideology. Evidence has emerged on the web that government departments employ Islamic fundamentalists and their supporters. The head of the Interventions Unit is Asim Hafeez , whose statements suggest that he considers the British government as illegitimate and wants to replace it with the true ‘Constitution’ – the Koran. In reply to a Freedom of Information request, the Home Office replied that Hafeez was cleared by their own security vetting procedures, despite his being a known covert exponent of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. It would appear that the British Government has chosen a jihadist to divert jihadists from jihadism.

Mr Mote also mentioned a report by the Daily Telegraph earlier this month in which it was stated that another Islamic activist, Azad Ali, now works at the Treasury. He is president of the Civil Service Islamic Society, an active member of the Muslim Council of Great Britain and of the civil rights group Liberty. Not long ago Ali wrote on his blog in favour of a Muslim who argued it was a duty under jihad to kill British and American troops in Iraq.

According to the Sunday Telegaph, 24.1.10, an Iraqi immigrant who stabbed two doctors to death cannot be deported because a judge has ruled that it would be against his human rights.


One good thing that Gordon Brown has done is to keep this country out of the euro. Writing in the Daily Mail, 10.2.10, Andrew Alexander says he does not think the Euro will survive in its present form as it is being continually weakened by short selling. He says it has echoes of 1992 when sterling was forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) by George Soros, who made $1 billion by selling pounds.

According to the Daily Telegraph, 12.2.10, the European Finance Ministers at their meeting on 11.2.10 made a general pledge to ‘take determined and co-ordinated action if needed’ to prop up the euro. So far they have not offered any cash and the support is rather vague. Mrs Merkel, the German Chancellor, said: ”Greece is part of the European Union and won’t be left on its own, but there are rules and these rules need to be adhered to”. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, also writing in the Daily Telegraph, 11.2.10, noted that “There was an element of bluff in Thursday’s accord, as if the EU leaders hope to muddle through with ‘constructive ambiguity’, fingers crossed that their vague political pledge will never be tested. Bluff is a valid tool of statesmanship, but in this case their bluff could be called very soon.

According to the Daily Telegraph, 8.2.10, Greece has promised that it would cut its deficit from 12.7% of GDP to the 3% threshold allowed under the European economic stability by 2012. A report in the Daily Express on line, 11.2.10, states that Gordon Brown has repeatedly refused to rule out British cash being used to support the single currency. It is understood that Angela Merkel is to press for all EU states, including Britain, to be ready to provide billions of pounds in emergency aid. It could cost Britain £3.5 billion a year. If the rot spreads to other EU countries, eg Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland, the total cost of the bail-out could cost £320 billion.

The Daily Telegraph, 10.2.10, reports that the EU is seizing on the crisis to push for a radical extension of powers, saying that Greece has exposed some deep flaws in the structure of the monetary union. Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, said that Brussels has powers under the Lisbon Treaty allowing it to take the reins of economic management. According to the Daily Telegraph, 4.2.10, under Article 121 of the Treaty, these powers allow the EU ‘to reshape the structure of pensions, healthcare, labour markets and private commerce’. In the Times, 16.2.10, Ruth Lea, Director of Global Vision and non-executive Director of Arbuthnot Banking Group, argues "for the sake of the long-term viability of the eurozone, it would be far better to evict Greece now and direct the beleaguered country to the IMF for some long overdue economic discipline."

Writing in the Telegraph on Line, 16.2.10, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports that the European Union has shown its righteous wrath by stripping Greece of its vote at a crucial EU meeting next month. He says this is the worst humiliation ever suffered by a member state. At a meeting of EU finance ministers, it was agreed that Greece must comply by 16th March with austerity measures the EU has demanded. Otherwise it will lose control of its own tax and spend policies and the EU will impose severe cuts under Article 126.9 of the Lisbon Treaty. According to Reuters, 16.2.10, Greece has decided to make large cash transactions illegal. From 1.1.11, every transaction above 1,500 euros between people and businesses, or between businesses, will be considered illegal if they are done in cash.


The Daily Telegraph, 9.11.09, reported that Tony Blair’s decision to cut the EU rebate by £9.3 billion calculated at 2004 prices, will cost every household in Britain the equivalent of £344. Campaigners said that the axing of the rebate had been bad for the British economy because little had been won in return. In answer to a written question from The Lord Stoddart of Swindon, 24.1.10, the Government has admitted that British contributions to the EU are to increase by nearly £1 billion in 2010. This is because the EU Parliament has approved a massive 6% increase in the EU’s budget for this year which would raise annual British contributions to £11,735,000. According to European Voice, 28.9.10, the European Parliament’s budget committee has voted to increase MEP’s monthly allowance for assistants by £1,500 and to hire 150 extra staff. The Daily Telegraph Business Section, 22.12.09, reports that the cost to this country of EU regulation over the next ten years could be as much as £184 billion.

The EU Commission is going to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to push through a 3.7% pay rise for 45,000 EU staff, including themselves. This pay rise has been opposed by the member states, who have offered a 1.85% increase. In December hundreds of staff in EU institutions went on warning strikes in support of a 3.7% pay rise. (BBC News, 6.1.10) Die Welt, 22.1.10, reports that, despite the financial crisis, members of staff in the European Union are not only getting a pay rise, but a party of their children will go to Northern Italy on a skiing holiday subsidised by EU taxpayers.

According to the Independent, 10.11.09, the EU Commission is proposing that the UK’s budget deficit should be brought down from a prospective 12% of GDP to 3% by 2014-1215, which would require tax increases and spending cuts amounting to £25 billion a year.

The Economist, 10.1.09 notes that the European Court of Auditors has refused, for the 15th year in a row, to sign off the EU accounts for 2008. A report by Open Europe, 22.12,09, suggests that if the British Government ignored some of the more onerous EU regulations, including the working time directive, climate change and energy, it could eliminate its entire budget deficit. The latest report from the Taxpayers Alliance puts the cost of our EU membership at £118 billion a year but it is believed that the Treasury uses the figure of £180 billion.

According to the Daily Telegraph, 4.11.09, the British Government has put £74 billion of taxpayers’ money into banks since the start of the financial crisis. The Conservative Party claims that the latest bail-out was equal to an extra tax liability of £2,000 for all families in the country and comes on top of the £2,350 to which every household is exposed as a result of previous attempts to support the financial system.


Open Europe has published a list of 50 new examples of EU waste. These include €2,500 in rural development funds for a small estate in Bavaria where the Chairman of Porsche goes hunting, €850,000 for a ‘gender equal’ wood design centre in Sweden and €27,000 farm subsidies for a Spanish duke and the Catholic Church. (


According to the Guardian on line, 7.2.10, it was revealed in a Council of the European Union document examining proposals to establish a new agency based in France that would manage all member states’ shared data, that 500,000 EU computer terminals could access private British data. The Schengen Information System (SIS) holds information regarding immigration status, arrest warrants, entries on the police national computer and many other personal details. This has caused concerns about privacy of data. Statewatch, a group which monitors civil liberties, cited a case in Belgium where personal information was extracted from the system by an official and sold to an organised criminal gang.


EurActiv, 22,12,09, reported that Viviane Reding, the new Commissioner for Justice and Fundamental Rights, is planning several reforms, including the introduction of a European Civil Code. It is expected that she will review the Data Protection Directive of 1995. According to the Independent, 10.11.09, the Home Office has shelved plans known as the ‘interception modernisation programme’, which would have allowed up to 653 public organisations to access information regarding ‘phone calls, text messages, emails and internet traffic’. Under the EU Data Retention Directive supported by the British Government and passed through Parliament without debate, telecommunication companies will still be required to hold for a period of 12 months details of the destination of every ‘phone call, text message and email that people send.


According to the Daily Telegraph, 17.11.09, the EU Commission plans for the fitting of aircraft style black boxes to cars and has spent £2.4 million on a study called ‘Project Veronica’ into how these boxes would work. These boxes, which would cost £500 each, would monitor actions of the driver, e.g., speed and braking patterns. Supporters say the boxes could be used to reconstruct collisions, making it easier for insurance companies to apportion blame, but the proposals are likely to cause concern amongst civil liberties organisations.


NO2ID, 7.1.10, reported that the Identity Card database will track National Insurance Numbers. The Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, in answer to a question admitted in Parliament that the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) is collecting the National Insurance number from every person who applies for an ID card and storing them on the National Identity Register – the ID card database. As from next year it will be compulsory to apply for an ID card in order to obtain or renew a passport. Mr Johnson did not mention other categories of information, additional to what is presently recorded on the passport database, that are to be held on the NI Register. Phil Booth, National Coordinator of NO2ID, said that the National Identity Scheme was not about a card but about tracking individuals throughout their lives linking details by the numbers. A full list of the fifty categories of information that may be held on the National Identity Register can be found by reading Schedule I of the Identity Cards Act 2006.


According to the Online Journal, 10.12.09, the EU document “Internet of Things” (IoT) states that “… communication potentially concerns 50-70 billion ‘machines’, of which only 1 per cent are connected today….connections can be established in restricted areas (‘Intranet of Things’) or made publicly accessible (‘Internet of Things’)”. There are plans for governments throughout the world to turn the World Wide Web into an interlinked global database, which will then be copied so that world governments can use their global database via an ‘Intranet’ and the public global database. This will be accessed via an ‘Internet’ with certain kinds of data filtered out. The New World Order will have control of the Intranet, Internet and global databases. The UK Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) is a response to the EU directive 2003/98/EC and on page 22 of this OPSI document, at W3C, it states that, “…we want all data in one place, but we also want it to be decentralised”. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is currently made up of 338 organisations. The UK Government membership is listed as ‘The National Archives’, from which OPSI operates.


On 26th January 2010, the House of Lords defeated the Government on three votes on amendments to this Bill which consolidates a number of anti-discriminatory items from several Acts into one bill. According to Lord Tebbitt, writing in his Telegraph blog, 27.1.10, the Bill was not all bad, but some items within it ‘were prime examples of authoritarian poison and European judicial imperialism’. The amendments concerned the churches and the argument was over the extent to which churches, mosques, synagogues and temples may refuse to employ people whose lifestyles and actions contradict the teaching of the religions concerned.

The problem for the Government is whether to ask the Commons to vote for the EU directive against religion and freedom of conscience, or risk a case being brought against a church or mosque and decided in the European Court of Justice, rather than here in Britain. The amendments were necessary to comply with EU law. Nigel Farage, UKIP MEP, suggested that one effect of this bill, which nobody seems to have noticed, was that the national flags of many EU-captive states could now be declared illegal because they bear the symbol of the cross.


Le Monde, 3.2.10, contained several opinion pieces on the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which accounts for 40% of the EU budget. According to Jack Thurston, the co-founder of Farm Subsidy, biodiversity in Europe has been damaged by modern agriculture. He said: “Farming should protect Europe’s environmental resources, not exhaust them”. He believes that a better policy was needed than the one that in 2008 paid €1,583,120 to Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein and €253,987 to Prince Albert of Monaco.


According to BBC News, 8.2.10, the European Court of Human Rights has stated it is unlawful to deny sentenced prisoners’ voting rights in UK elections. Since then, the Government has had two consultations on voting reforms but it does not appear that any changes will take place before the general election. The Council of Europe (non-EU) has expressed “serious concern” that there was “significant risk” that the election may fail to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights (the EU requires all member states to sign up to the Convention). (The European Convention of Human Rights should not be confused with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which forms part of the Lisbon Treaty.)


The Labour Party lied about the Lisbon Treaty being just a tidying up treaty when in fact it is the EU Constitution in all but name. They therefore reneged on their manifesto promise to give the British people a referendum. They have also swamped our country with immigrants (who usually vote Labour) in the hope that they can remain in office indefinitely. The Liberal Democrats also reneged on their manifesto promise of a referendum on the Constitution and voted it through. They said at the time that an ‘in/out’ referendum was needed to settle the controversial issue of our membership of the European Union, knowing then that the majority of voters would probably have wished to remain ‘in’. They have now changed their minds and said that a referendum is not necessary. No doubt this is because there would be a fair chance of an ‘out’ result. As at least two front bench speakers are former MEPs and several members of the House of Lords have also been employed by the EU, it is likely that they would lose their EU pensions, all or in part, for failing to support the EU’s interests.

The majority of Conservative MPs did vote against the Lisbon Treaty and Mr Cameron gave us a cast iron promise that there would be a referendum on this Treaty if he became Prime Minister. As he has now reneged on that promise, how can we possibly trust the Conservatives any more than the Liberal Democrat or Labour Parties. Their manifestos will not be worth the paper they are written on.

If readers wish to express their disgust at Mr Cameron’s decision, enclosed with the hard copy of this newsletter is a card which you should post to him. Email readers, or those who wish to obtain a supply of these cards for their friends and family to send, can obtain a supply from The Democracy Movement, Kershaw House, 449 Great West Road, Hounslow TW5 0BU, telephone 020 7603 7796. Also enclosed with this newsletter and attached to the email version is a copy of ‘Britain’s Suicide Note’. This is a history of the EU and tells of the appalling damage done to our country by our membership of that organisation. It is a ‘must read’ for all politicians or aspiring politicians.

Thank you, Iris.


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