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Eamonn Butler's Alternative Manifesto

If you are interested in the upcoming General Election

An Englishman's Castle writes -

The book is a sort of workshop manual for fixing Britain, and it doesn't flinch from getting the spanner round those nasty problems that the politicians of all sides don't want to talk about.

. . .The Alternative Manifesto covers issues such as:
The economy: public spending doesn't 'stimulate' anything, we need spending and borrowing cuts now;
The financial sector: politicians. . .failed us, so spare us from more of their 'cures';
. . .The bully state: how to make police and officials serve the public rather than the government machine;
Public services: step-by-step plans to replace state monopolies with choice and competition;
Taxation: ending the benefits trap through simpler, fairer, lower taxes.

And education...

I have had the pleasure of reading this book and it is an easy read and brilliant at summarising what needs to be done. . .

There are brilliant ideas out there, Butler's among them. The question is how to put them into action.

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