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George Washington


Happy Birthday, George.

This story always makes me cry.

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tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạng

What can you say? Sometimes you just get lucky. Imagine anyone else in this position.

And the same providential arrangement that put Washington where he was, surrounded him with men like Jefferson, Franklin, Adams. Do we still deserve it?


This helps me draw the parallel with the story of Esther, whose single brave act saved her nation. Her Uncle Mordecai asked her to contemplate why she was born "for such a time as this". As a result, and at risk of her own life, Esther had the courage to enter the throne room of her husband, the King. The rest is history, and Israel is still counted among the nations. Esther's placement in this world by God Almighty was providential, such as George Washington's at that pivotal and precise time in America's history. God always knows what He is doing.

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