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The problem of the Leviathan

The Leviathan of Hobbes, that is. The problem is mine.

Hobbes reads as if he were determined to be prescriptive. Leviathan describes how leaders have often been and how people are on our gloomiest days, but it cannot say how they could and should be. It does not say how people at their best, constrained and inspired by virtue and by a limited government, can be and are. We can read Hobbes and thank our lucky stars that we do not live in the leviathans he describes. Not yet. So, bleak old Hobbes did not make it into our 17th century Liberty Timeline even as a little black cloud.

Today The Wall Street Journal reviews a new book called Hobbes and the Laws of Nature.

I hope to have more posts when I return from painting the porch door, including one from a reader of the website.

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