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You may think you will never be in trouble

We received a letter from Iris Binstead with news which we think will make you quite cross. Iris writes -

From the information I have received recently it would appear that Brussels is going ahead as quickly as possible to appoint a European Public Prosecutor and bring in Corpus Juris, a completely alien system of law which does not have the safeguards of our Common Law. It would do away with habeas corpus, trial by jury and innocence until proved guilty. Corpus Juris is the Napoleonic type of law which is common to most European countries. It requires a person to prove their innocence. Most trials are held in front of professional magistrates or judges who are also part of the prosecution service. People can be held in prison for periods up to two years without charge.

. . .If you feel as strongly as I do that we do not want this alien system of law in our country, please contact your MP and ask him/her to sign up to the Early Day Motion below. Again, with the election in mind, some MPs may take note of public opinion.
Early Day Motion 637 - 18 January 2010

That this House notes with concern that Article 69E, Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters, of the Treaty of Lisbon provides for the creation of a European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO), a judicial body in charge of investigating, with the powers to order national police forces to initiate investigations; further notes with concern that the EPPO will have extensive powers and will not be accountable to the UK Parliament; believes that the creation of such a powerful undemocratic body would show complete disregard for the common law system in the UK; and calls on Government to ensure that UK enforcement authorities continue to have sole jurisdiction in this country.

You may think that you will never be in trouble with the law

You may justifiably point out that you have never had any problems while eating napoleons in Paris or skiing powder in Austria. And that consequently you will live untouched by European prosecutor judges operating under the Napoleonic Code.

But to stroll peacefully down the Champs-élysées or drink a pint in a pub as a Brit is one thing.

To be part of the empire of the European Union will be quite a different thing. History tells us that undemocratic empires act illegally and ruthlessly.

We beg you, if you are a Brit, call your MP and ask him or her to support the Early Day Motion. No doubt your MP will be interested to hear about your plans to vote in the upcoming General Election.

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The clouds are gathering; Mordor is organizing. Where is Gandalf?


Even Gandalf couldn't fight Mordor alone.

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