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Saluting North

In EU Referendum and in media stories using his research, Richard North has spearheaded reporting on the climate change miasma. He has exposed -

Dr Pachauri, the head of the UN's IPCC, as financially profiting from the global warming "crisis".

The inadequately supported and false IPCC report on disappearing Himalayan glaciers (Glaciergate).

The inadequately supported and false IPCC claim that vanishing tropical forests will result from "climate change". As North reported, Simon Lewis, a Royal Society research fellow at Leeds University who specialises in tropical forest ecology, called the IPCC report "a mess" that lacks substance and primary research (Amazongate).

The manipulation of climate data at the East Anglia Climate Station (Climategate).

The £4 billion in 'climate change' investments by the BBC's pension fund investor - investments which may have influenced BBC reporting and which suggest that, like Caesar's wife, the BBC is not above suspicion (Beebgate).

How the IPCC and the media manufactured a climate change "crisis" with false data is a shocking story. Slowly but surely, with the persistence and courage of a few writers such as North, the falsehoods are being stripped away.

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