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Electoral reform

I support the following electoral reforms:

1) For the House of Commons, I would advocate an end to the whipping system.

2) I would institute primaries so that the voters in a constituency can nominate the candidates who would stand as MPs. At present, when the powers-that-be select the candidates, the MPs are not independent thinkers and they do not represent the people very well.

3) I advocate an end to postal voting because it is open to corruption and an end to absentee voting except in exceptional circumstances.

4) All voters presenting at the polling station will provide proof of identity such as a birth certificate or passport.

5) Only British citizens will be allowed to vote.

6) For the House of Lords I would sweep out Tony's cronies, and in the manner of the US Senate have two Lords elected from each County. The 92 hereditaries - the bishops and the law lords - would remain.

Cat purrs: Makes common sense.

Thanks to British Democracy Forum which first raised these questions with me. Please see Lord Pearson's Vision for Direct Democracy at the next General Election.

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