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Who else is there?

Simon Heffer is extremely angry with Mr Brown, as indeed many of us are.

As Chancellor and Prime Minister, Mr Brown has applied a wrecking ball to pensions. He has presided over deteriorating health care and schools while generating crushing government debt. He has vastly increased the number of persons paid to work for (and vote for) the government while strangling the private businesses that create jobs. He has invited excessive numbers of people to settle in Britain, go on the dole and devastate ratepayers and communities.

Mr Brown has no apologies to offer us. He apparently considers himself a prince.

Mr Heffer concludes: "Had we not allowed Parliament to turn politics from a vocation into a career, we would have none of this". Perhaps.

A vocation to destroy Britain?

It is true that many MPs with little real work experience under their belts have toddled into lucrative political careers. This is the sort of MP who keeps Mr Brown floating like a plastic duck as the water goes out of the bath.

However, Mr Brown does not look like one of these careerists, though he has spent his entire life in politics and has no real life work experience outside it. Mr Brown may have a vocation. Indeed, it begins to look astonishingly like the vocation of a man intent on killing off Britain.

He does not care about us. He wants to establish pan-global socialism.

He has dragged the people of Britain into the Lisbon Treaty, tossing our independence and ancient liberties into the dustbin. He works assiduously to make us less free in our own homes and to spend us into oblivion.


Having laid Britain low, he pretends to want her resuscitation.

Even if he were interested, he is manifestly not the person to bring Britain back to life.

Who is?

We believe you know. One of them is looking back at you from your looking glass.

Who else is there?

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The Chinese curse, I think is: "May you live in interesting times."

It's not all that bad--a little anger, a little adrenaline. Better than slowly disintegrating while you clip your coupons!

Churchill, Eisenhower,Washington and Alfred the Great all had their moments of near despair.

None of them is with now, but we know what they accomplished and what they have passed on to us. Even acts of small determination and defiance mean something.

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