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Birds protected from hunting during freeze


Woodcock. They are unable to feed in current freezing conditions. For one thing, there is no way to pull an earthworm out of frozen earth. Image: Wikimedia Commons

I was driving when I heard the BBC report -

"Freezing conditions have led to a temporary ban on the shooting of wildfowl in Scotland" and Northern Ireland. . . "Birds covered by the order include coot, tufted duck, gadwall, goldeneye, Canada geese, greylag and pink-footed goose, mallard, moorhen, pintail, golden plover, pochard, shoveler, common snipe, teal, wigeon and woodcock."

The freeze and the ban say something interesting, don't they?

I note that according to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation it is the first suspension due to cold in thirteen years in Scotland. It is the first time ever in Northern Ireland. This is another rebuff to the predictions of global warmists.

Brits have always been hunters. They have also been among the first people to organize themselves to protect animals. That animals are protected from cruelty and adverse conditions makes me happy.

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