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Reasons for Optimism

Thousands of parachutes fill the sky over the Netherlands as the Allies push toward Germany during World War II
"Market Garden"

Brad Lena has sent his reasons for optimism for the future, and not a moment too soon as we look toward the New Year:

Reasons for optimism, regarding global trends, do not include a restoration of what was in historical, cultural or political terms. Those days are gone. A half of century of deconstructing everything Western and demographic decline have done its work. The cultivation of cultural ignorance, entitlement and self-loathing has been fertile ground for exotic forms of social, cultural and economic engineering. Useful idiots, academics, political theorists and technocrats have worked mightily in this vineyard to build "something better".

The lesson of Market Garden

We have seen this movie before. In fact, you may remember it; it was entitled A Bridge Too Far, a retelling of the 1944 Allied operation "Market Garden". Its goals were unassailable; shorten World War II, save lives and end tyranny. All it would take is a symphony of logistics, execution, strategic brilliance, timely initiative, good weather and mechanical perfection. Success also required a German symphony of failure. Operation Market Garden failed after initial success.

Even a partial list of the global agenda, is strikingly audacious. To some this list may sound exemplary. To wiser readers it will be chilling because accomplishing its ends requires totalitarian methods, which will inevitably undermine even its most positive goals. Like Market Garden, it requires flawless execution of a faultless plan -

Conduct a controlled implosion of the West
Reengineer human nature as well as social and political structures
Develop new energy resources and build a new energy infrastructure
Legislate universal norms
'Protect' humanity from itself
'Protect' the planet from humanity

Like Market Garden, this agenda has enjoyed initial success but the unraveling has begun (see Copenhagen). This is because the plan is not flawless, the execution is poor and it is missing the crucial human contribution so brilliantly represented at Market Garden.

Undermining the global agenda

The factors that will undermine the undemocratic global agenda include:

Technological innovation
The free flow and dissemination of information
The broad loss of institutional credibility
The rise of a global middle class
Sovereign bankruptcy
Courage in the defence of freedom

Unburdened by human experience, achievable goals and the ability to add and subtract, it is not surprising that in the final tally the global agenda does not add up.

This is not to say push will not come to shove; it may very well come to that: history shows us it usually does. Interesting questions, now that 'elites' consider humanity a giant collection of constituencies of equal value, is what sort of allegiance will this global constituency have towards institutions of global governance? Will they defend it with blood sweat and tears? How will it be enforced and financed? What about non-compliance? How much are they willing or able to give (or have taken from them) for the "greater good"?

The altering relationship between people and government in the West

Abrupt reengineering of human systems of interaction has almost always been accompanied by violence. The slow alteration of the relationship between the people and the state in the West has appeared to be a one-way street with a series of legislative, political edicts instituting new norms. But, appearances can be deceiving.

The alteration of the relationship is in reality a two-way street; the people's attitude towards their government is fundamentally changing. For example, in the United States, the Left is becoming steadily more volatile as their agenda is now in competition with other agendas originating from global constituents. It is ironic that the tactic of overwhelming the system is slowly but surely overwhelming the agenda.

Optimism is best served with a hearty side dish of realism. Liberty and freedom are always under threat and have been repeatedly lost along with life, limb and treasure. We do not yet know what resistance to the "new world order" will look like or where it will arise, but the engineering 'marvel' of globalism reminds this writer of the Titanic entering the ice field on April 14th.

The crucial human contribution

The crucial human contribution so brilliantly represented at Market Garden was courage.

Those wonderfully brave men who fought Market Garden and whose stories still inspire us tell us the most optimistic thing – the men and women who fight for freedom are phenomenally brave. Even when they lose, they pick themselves up, pull themselves together and overcome the forces arrayed against them, generation after generation.

Be of good cheer, the season prompts it; freedom demands it, humanity needs it.

The story of Market Garden and the Brits at the Arnhem Bridge is here.

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