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Saluting Batten's decision


As a UKIP MEP re-elected to the European Union parliament in June 2009, Gerard Batten was given the option of taking an increased salary of €91,983.72 per annum (about £83,622) or staying on the old salary scale.

He made the irrevocable decision of opting to remain on the lower salary.

“In a time of economic crisis when many of my constituents are in fear of losing their jobs, and when politicians’ reputations have never been lower, I did not feel it would be justified to take an increase in salary of almost £19,000 per annum.


He also deprived himself of an additional EU pension, all paid by the tax-payer.

We oppose the EU parliament lock, stock and barrel, but we salute Batten's decision.

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Death Bredon:

Free Britannia!


Second the motion!



Second the motion!

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