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News from Ed & Will in Wales

Songsters Ed and Will sent us good news from the wet winter wilds of Wales. After a month of work they have built a cozy house of hazel sticks. Having caught their breaths, they are now mailing out "Songs", their CD collection of 16 of their most requested traditional British songs.


They learned those songs while walking around the isles, singing for their supper with Ginger. The songs were recorded, but "the release was made harder by our being on-foot about Britain, walking and singing, striving for the merry old paths." Then the CDs were washed away in a flood. Now a new pallet of CDs awaits. From their email -

The CD comes with a beautiful booklet of information and stories, a double-sided poster, and stunning artwork. It is all eco-printed, and is available for 10 pounds sterling, with postage at 2 pounds, to cover sending to other lands also. Please buy a copy if you'd like. We're sure you'll enjoy it.

Ancient corkers like ‘Tom of Bedlam’, as well 20th century staples like ‘Albert Berry and the Coal’, are featured. It has Ed on various stringed instruments, Ginger on drums and organ, and all of us singing our hearts right up.

From now till the Christmas last post, we will walk daily to the post-office, to make sure this CD gets delivered.

Need we mention this CD falls into the rarely overlapping gift categories of 'novelty', 'beauty-quality' and 'enduring enjoyment'. It might even be good for the listener's health. For the successful cousin, demanding sister, overworked mother and beloved boyfriend, for old dad or beautiful grandma, even for that difficult nephew, here is a canny, timely, beautiful gift of many layers, certain to please.

And so the patter is given.

If you don't want the CD, or have downloaded it already, we're doing plenty more recording right now, which we'll put out soon. Keep an eye on the website. Our bicycle generator is fully rigged up, with a reversed scooter motor and a hazel stand, to power our global communications admirably and keep our toes warm. So we'll soon upload all the tales, songs and meetings from the summer travels.

We'll be here for the next few months, hopefully warm and cosy in the woods, in our patchwork house of hazel sticks, cob and canvas. But in springtime we'll be off walking again. This is a short opportunity for us to send you our album ourselves, without it going through other channels.

Selling this album will really help us move our walking singing project-thing into a serious and solid endeavour. It'll make the website work more sufficiently, and help us better share things with everyone interested. We have been trying to do it all ourselves while walking, but a website is a mighty project. Keeping it buzzing has proven very tiring.

So we're going to carry on for the next howsoever long, to learn all we can, to meet whom we may, and to walk where we might. We've learned how difficult we can make such a journey, and now we have to make it all simpler. We'll steam right ahead, but more cleverly than before, if we can.

The album will maintain our journey, sustain our efforts, and help us grow into a more established gang of defiant traditional musical nomads.

So take a copy, tell a friend, and enjoy it.

And may the very best of this cold season, much good deep rest, and all joys of the hearth, be found and held by you and yours.



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