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Good news - Unlocking the entire genetic code of cancer

Scientists have unlocked the entire genetic code of two of the most common cancers - skin and lung - a move they say could revolutionise cancer care.

Not only will the cancer maps pave the way for blood tests to spot tumours far earlier, they will also yield new drug targets, says the Wellcome Trust team. . .

Professor Michael Stratton, who is the UK lead, said: . . ."By identifying all the cancer genes we will be able to develop new drugs that target the specific mutated genes and work out which patients will benefit from these novel treatments.

It all started half a century ago at Cambridge University with the discovery of the structure of DNA.

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Check this out...

Spread the word, something needs to be done. We can't let China get away with this.


Looking back at the stunning achievements of the twentieth century, I am moved to ask what made it all possible. Would the double helix still be invisible to us if British scientists had had to report to their commissar on the likely use of their research to the state; or if they had had to convince their imam that their research was not heretical?

The totalitarian state does not cure its citizens, it herds them. Fundamentalist Islam has no use for "inquiring minds". Freedom, like CO2, once thought of as a necessary ingredient of life, has become de trop for many of the sensitive movers and shakers of the West.

Que sera?

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