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Sam Leith writes in the Spectator -

David Horspool’s new book, the English Rebel, is a detailed survey of the English men, women and mobs who have been prepared to risk life and property to rise up against power. It starts in the time of the Norman yoke and ends with the Poll Tax riots in the time of the Norman Tebbit. It is, to adapt Carlyle, a ‘history of irate men’.

Don't forget that the Scots were very helpful during the Civil War in opposing the high-handedness of Charles I, while the Welsh were valiant in defying King John, and more than three kings were deposed, Sam, by men and women fighting oppression. Still, a book worth looking into.

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Death Bredon:

For once I must publicly disagree with my wonderful and gracious hosts.

The only positive thing that came from the regicide of Blessed Charles I, King and Martyr, was that the British People quickly recognized the the Roundheads as repressors, not liberators, and ended the Interregnum once and, hopefully, for all.

May the lessons learned about disturbing Britain's delicate constitutional balance be quickly recalled, and may the New Interregnum quickly be thrown off before the people become too oppressed another reign of "benevolent Protection."

Death Bredon:


Despite being born and bred in the New World, I take an equally dim view of the unnecessary War of American Rebellion. Would that both sides of the dispute had avoided so much bloodshed by establishing the United States as the first Commonwealth country. Indeed, I still cherish the first flag of the Continental Congress, purportedly designed by George Washington himself, which boasted the Union Jack against a field of thirteen red and white stripes. In any event, by the grace of God, the enmity of those unpleasant times has been quite fleeting!

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