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Christmas Stamps suggest Holiday's spirit

We found them on Archbishop Cranmer's blog, along with a brief meditation on Advent. They are the Royal Mail's 2009 Christmas stamps.

The Mail could release a new stamp every day of the year based on Holiday's work. Between 1861 and 1891 he completed 300 commissions, and he continued to work until he died in 1927. He was "charming" and "hot-tempered", a "keen lakeland walker" and an artist with extraordinary amounts of energy (Oxford DNB). The stamps don't do him justice - you have to imagine large windows glowing with Holiday's figures - but I will be happy if I find one on a Christmas card in my mailbox. William Morris designed the angel.


Shepherd by Henry Holiday, St Mary's Upavon, Wiltshire


Madonna and Child by Henry Holiday, Ormesby St Michael,
Ormesby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


Angel by William Morris, Church of St James, Staveley, Kendal

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